VMworld 2012 Europe

VMworld 2012 is almost upon us. I have registered for the Europe conference which will take place in Barcelona from October 9 to 11. The company I work for is sponsoring me, and two guys in our California office who are going to San Francisco. In these austere times it might seem expensive to send 3 techies to represent a business of about 1k users, but I suspect our IT director recognises the value of VMworld attendance for a business that has several datacenters that we have completely virtualised, running vSphere 5.

There’s not a lot of info available yet, but I would assume coaches running between the airport and the conference center, and some form of travel pass for public transport.

I have spent some time on session scheduling while trying to avoid to get too excited about all the great sessions that are available. After wading through the entire session list I have decided mostly on infrastructure and operations type sessions, i.e. software defined networking, storage design, VXLAN, vSphere design (session led by Scott Lowe, author of the superb ‘Mastering vSphere 5‘), automation and replication.

While it is tempting to (over)book loads of general sessions I would allow time for hands-on labs and browsing the solutions exchange, not just for free T-shirts… but to have a chat with experts and technology partners.

It is a good idea to schedule your sessions as early as possible as there will be some very popular sessions that become fully booked quite soon.

The reasonably-priced hotels near the venue might be fully booked soon, so don’t delay. In Copenhagen I had to stay in a hotel room so small that if I breathed in deeply my ribs would touch the opposite walls.

At the Copenhagen conference I was amazed to see a few guys check out their schedule on the communal laptops and then walk away while they were still logged on. Surely someone will be tempted to amend your schedule if you do that? :)

Finally, I hope this guy is at the VMworld party again this year. I can’t explain what he was doing.

VMworld Europe party

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