Adding a new SAN LUN to ESXi 5 hosts

In the previous post we looked at creating a LUN on an EMC CX4 SAN. Now we are ready to make the storage available to our fiber connected hosts.

Here’s a pic of my fiber switches where the ESXi hosts are connected to.

And this is the back of some of my ESXi hosts:

So here we have a cluster of ESXi5 hosts humming along nicely. Let’s add the storage we have created so that we can have space for some more virtual machines.

Select your ESXi host when you have logged into vSphere Client, then select Configuration -> Storage

Select Add Storage

Choose Disk/LUN and hit Next

The new LUN that we have created is shown in the list of available LUNs:

On the next screen it is reported that the disk is blank. This is a good thing. At least it means we are not going to break something that already has data on it.

On the next screen of the wizard we can select the formatting of the new datastore, i.e. block size and capacity.

On the final screen we can review the settings and select Finish if we are good to go.

Our new datastore has been created on the LUN and is available to our host to be used as storage.

Go to the properties of the new datastore:

Select Manage Paths

For the path selection policy, choose Fixed (VMware)

On the EMC SAN ALUA/Failover mode 4 (Asymmetric Logical Unit Access) allows your new LUN to be seen as active on both the storage processors. This is explained in detail in this whitepaper:

After setting up ALUA each ESXi host needs a reboot.

Further reading

EMC best practice with VMware:

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